Let Him In

Pursing with tender hands
Where words had failed
He read her body like Braille

With delicate fingers
That could unlace skin
There was no choice but to let him in



Sex Vixen

I’m a sex vixen
My colors are crimson
Starring in fantasies
& Erotic visions
I’m the good kind of insane
The kind that likes pain
The kind who’s desires are wildly untamed
You came try to resist
The taste of my lips
& The weight of my body
As I pin down your wrists
But eventually, you too will give in
To my playful, convincing ideas of sin


Live Free Or Die Trying

Every day is a party.
A chance to seize the day.
A clean slate, to change fate.
An opportunity to rejoice and celebrate life,
And the amazing chance that you got to live one!
Why not smile about it, why not dance about it?
Hell, let’s all make sweet romance about it!
This is our time to shinee,
It’s time to fly, it’s time to fall,
To have a blast, & see it all.
Don’t waste the most precious & beautiful gifts you were ever given.
Your life, your time, & your body.
You’ve been given a very special vehicle for your soul to explore in.
You’ve been given the opportunity to be able to exist as more than just energy and soul,
But in a physical sense too.
Don’t waste this experience, this journey, or yourself.
Take nothing for granted, & take care of yourself.
The world is your oyster, and you are the beautiful shining pearl.

A Tangle

A tangle
Of wild bodies
Woven together
By fate & recklessness
Beautifully braided limbs
Lusting for further friction


Beyond What You Know

Is there a reason for this season of violence and hatred
Seasoning your words and actions with the intent to hurt
With the intent to kill
Don’t grow away from love and acceptance
Don’t grow away from each other
Don’t grow away from yourself
Separateness is just an illusion
An intrusion in all our lives and souls that we mustn’t let define us
For the only thing that matters is recognizing the divine spark of creation, love, and life that runs through us all
Once you remove every protective layer around you and make your skin thin and your heart transparent
Once you demolish the walls that keep the pain in and the people out
Once you drop the need and desire to judge, criticize, and classify one another
You will see in all our naked vulnerability that we are all the same
We are all the same victim
We are all the same hero
We are all the same love just presenting itself in many different beautiful ways and expressions
Nobody is complete, we are all under construction, works in progress, students of life
And everything you are lacking is everything someone else might have to offer you if you allow them to
So why don’t we share instead of take
Why don’t we build instead of break
Because progress is only made through a willingness to learn and understand
Beyond yourself & what you already know

The Life Of An Empath

I always see people on the street and subway and cars next to me and I imagine what their story is, where they might be headed, if they feel loved or maybe they’re in pain… Maybe they have a family, or maybe that have nobody… If I reached out to them to connect would they retreat or engage. Sometimes I’ll forget myself thinking of other people, I get lost in them. And sometimes I feel like if I stare into someone’s eyes I might fall right into their soul… I might feel all their pain or love and I just won’t be able to walk away…


By The Light Of The Moon

It came on so strong
But fizzled so soon
Those nights of raw passion
That lasted till noon

But if that’s all you got
Then you likely are doomed
Cause you can’t grow a thing
By the light of the moon


A Single Moment Of Understanding

A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life(time) with meaning.

Why must we fill roles?
Maybe the only role we are supposed to fit (in my opinion at least) is that of a human being.
A human who’s just being, existing, experiencing and nothing more or complex than that.
Maybe that’s the universe’s only expectation for us … and we’ve just created all these other ones ourselves.
Or maybe they were set in place by others to distract us…

See, I personally feel that the universe was built with the energy and expression of creation.
As is everything else within it, and we are all just fragments or portions of that creative energy extending and developing itself further and further into time and space, until there’s nothing left to create and nowhere left to expand to.
Our only desires really should be to continue existing and projecting that creative life energy through ourselves and the universe
To create more physicality, more spirituality, more connectedness, more love, more life, more everything, just to keep creating is key.

Knowing that we cannot fail in this plight is what should give you the courage to take all the chances necessary on your journey of spiritual evolution.
Because there is no failing in this life, there is only learning, and growing, and expanding in consciousness and in love.
And when your busy questioning and doubting and fearing yourself and others then you’re missing out on and depriving yourself of feeling, and experiencing, and creating so much beauty and wonderment.

Stop living in the past or the future and just focus on this moment, and on just being here, now.
Most people are more afraid to live then they are to die, but personally the thought of my one day (very distant) death somewhat excites me.
I look forward to seeing and experiencing what’s after/beyond this life because I have a feeling there’s alot more out there,
And I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to explore this universe its many other dimensions in as many forms and ways as I can!

Sometimes I even feel limited in experiencing all that I want because I’m in a physical shell, anchored to the earth,  whilst my soul yearns to zoom out and explore the cosmos… But then I remind myself that patience is a virtue and that, that time will come, and in the meantime there is always tons to learn, create, and explore wherever I am present, and as long as I am conscious and embracing.

Solar Flares

It was undeniable, their chemistry
Total magnetic energy
Like two suns exchanging solar flares
High above the earth’s atmosphere