Live Free Or Die Trying

Every day is a party.
A chance to seize the day.
A clean slate, to change fate.
An opportunity to rejoice and celebrate life,
And the amazing chance that you got to live one!
Why not smile about it, why not dance about it?
Hell, let’s all make sweet romance about it!
This is our time to shinee,
It’s time to fly, it’s time to fall,
To have a blast, & see it all.
Don’t waste the most precious & beautiful gifts you were ever given.
Your life, your time, & your body.
You’ve been given a very special vehicle for your soul to explore in.
You’ve been given the opportunity to be able to exist as more than just energy and soul,
But in a physical sense too.
Don’t waste this experience, this journey, or yourself.
Take nothing for granted, & take care of yourself.
The world is your oyster, and you are the beautiful shining pearl.

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