Joint/Couple Social Media Accounts…Yikes!

When I get an invite to follow couples account on social media my reaction is to both laugh, gag, and cry a little for them lol.
I have now seen 4 in the past week or so.. is this the new trend or something?

If so then it belongs back in Highschool, and please don’t ask me to participate.

Unless you are traveling the whole world together posting beautiful pictures of your scenic adventures, then I as well as most are completely uninterested in the uninteresting happenings of your relationship.

To be honest I would have been the kinda person to do something overzealous like that back in my younger days but thankfully I have matured and am not there anymore.
Over the years I have realized and become a firm believer that, the more things you post about your relationship, the more insecure you are about it.
The more you have the need to show the world how happy you are, the more it just seems like you are trying to convince yourself of how happy you are.
And for that, nobody cares.
Shared social media accounts are the modern day coupledom sin akin to wearing matching outfits on the street (yikes!).

So if you want to merge into a single cyberblob with your partner that is fine, but I will not follow or encourage you or anyone els in that.

You might want to bear in mind just how much your online presence as individual matters if you are a working professional of any sort or care about maintaining an image of individualism or independence in general.
At least keep your individual account too.

Now I am not saying that this is unarguably your relationship dynamic if you fall in this boat, I am just saying that this is how it comes across to me personally and also this is what I have come to learn through my own dealings and through the dealing of others.
To those of us who are not in your relationship, it gets old fast (if not instantaneously) and acts as a daily reminder of how co-dependent and self-obsessed/narcissistic you both are.

And it also looks like you spend more time documenting the moments of your relationship to boast/brag about more than you spend time actually enjoying the true beauty and intimacy of them, which saddens me.

I just don’t see a good point to it really.
I am sure they think they are “inspiring us” but it’s more annoying than anything.
Ultimately, you are not a romantic comedy film that everyone wants to watch over and over again and base their life off.
You are more like the annoying love song that keeps playing on repeat, no matter where you go, that just makes your ears bleed after a while.A couple cute pics here and there is totally golden and good vibes and all that anyone really wants or needs.
I’m not saying boycott the sharing or P.D.A just don’t dedicate an entire social media account to it because I look at these things and it honestly makes me more sad for you more than it makes me happy for you, which I believe defeats its purpose, no?

Ironically these are usually the same people that will completely disappear or fall off the face of the earth on their friends when they are in a relationship with someone lol.
(But don’t worry you can still follow their cyberblob on social media LOL)
So it’s you really think all your friends wanna follow the gag-worthy relationship that has now turned you into an isolated, dependent, no-show.
I don’t think so…



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