Kesha’s New Music

Okay I just gotta say, mad motherfucken respect for Kesha.
After her rape lawsuit failed in court against her producer and she disappeared from the world, I thought that was the end of her.
Not that I was gonna miss her music at all because to me it was everything wrong with the world and youth at the time lol but I did feel for her pain and injustices legally speaking.
I know she signed a binding contract but rape/sexual harassment is one of those things I think should be fair to break a fucken contract over, no?
Isn’t the legal system supposed to honor human justice over all els?
ANYWAYS tho, she is back in the entertainment scene and it’s obvious that she has done alot of growing and healing and changing and I think she has finally found herself/voice in the world.
She’s actually trying to make a difference and send a good message to the world and personally she has already made a big difference when it comes to my perspective of her.
Her new music is like nothing that she’s created before or that I even hear anymore in mainstream and something the world needs right now.
It was both a breath of fresh air, and a tear jerker, filled with emotion, spirituality, and depth.
THAT is what music is suppose to do and be!!! AHH 
It should be that meaningful and deep. It should have a story, a message, that isn’t just mindless propaganda and bullshit.
You can tell she is doing her own thing now and truly embracing herself and because of it I am able to actually recognize and enjoy her amazing voice (that I didn’t even know she had) and undeniable creative talent.
She gives me hope for the entertainment industry and I’ve not felt that in a while lol.
Also, way to show the world and especially women that something like rape or sexual assault (even when the entire world knows about it) does not have to change or define you for the rest of your life. It does not have to be the thing that breaks you, and if you work hard enough and love yourself enough, it can be the thing that instead, makes you.
You CAN come back from something like that and not only that but use what happened to you as creative inspiration and fuel for your future success.
Just fucken brilliant and beautiful, I’m in love with it all. 
Kudos to you, you goddess of music, love, praying, and rainbows!


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