Super Simple Whiskey Sours

Whiskey Sours are my absolute favorite drink so I have tried them in bars & pubs all over the city.
Naturally, I have tried making them at home myself too, many different times and in many different ways and recently I have perfected the way that I prefer mine.
I found 3 simple ingredients that when combined make the yummiest Whiskey Sours!

– You Favorite Brand Of Whiskey (I use Crown Royal)
– Real Lemon Juice
– Lemonade (Fruite Brand)

– Put 2-3 shots of Whiskey (depending on how strong you like it)
– Put 2-3 shots of Real Lemon Juice (depending on how sour you like it)
– Fill the rest of the glass with Lemonade.
– Add ice!
Should look similar to this color! ^
(Feel free to add a lemon or lime wedge or mint leaves into it as well to add a lil extra flavor to it)

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!


White Ginger Pear Tea

My favorite white tea.
15895531_1724007417928862_3059186227456864671_o.jpgThis tea was so delicious! It is a white tea that is plucked in early spring, from a special tea bush called Chaicha. It is then blended with Pear and a touch of Spicy Ginger. I highly recommend it has such a yummy fruity flavor!
The tea itself is pretty too. 🙂
This is a loose leaf tea so you will need a tea bag or tea cage to steep it.

Avocado, Tomato, Cucumber Salad

This salad was the bomb!! It was super simple to make (as a salad should be) and its aroma was to die for. Its flavor was fresh and lemony with a hint of pepper and sweet onion.  It would be easy to create different versions and variations of this salad to try in the future to add even more texture & taste 🙂 This recipe should feed 4-6 people.

– 2 Avocados
– 1/4 Cup Cilantro
– 1 English Cucumber
– 1 Lemon (juice only)
– 1/2 Red Onion (medium)
-1 lb Tomatoes (Roma)
-1/8 tsp Black Pepper
-1 tsp Sea Salt
-2 tbsp Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil

– Chop up your Onions, Cucumber, Tomatoes, and Avocado (do the avocado last so it doesn’t brown while prepping the others).
– Shred you cilantro up as finely as you’d like it and add it in as well (I think next time I will substitute the Cilantro for Dill because I wasn’t a huge fan of the cilantro pieces in there).
– Add in your olive oil, sea salt, and pepper and toss your salad.
– Serve and enjoy!

My Favourite Sushi Rolls

Chicken Teriyaki Rolls with Avocado (and Spicy Mayo)
16426289_1738435819819355_4403590281589672918_n.jpgI’ve turned everyone I know onto these rolls! Perfect little protein boost for me because every Friday I do Squats + Sushi. They are also just hella delicious too. Some places will have them on the menu but usually, I have to order them special and substitute the cucumber (that normally comes with it) for avocado. You can just ask for the Chicken Teriyaki rolls with Avocado (and I like to dip them with spicy mayo too).
I like to frequent Sushi Zone near Yonge & Davisville for my sushi fixes. They never disappoint. Good quality sushi at regular/reasonable prices. It’s $5.95 for a set of 8 of these rolls there. Check em out.

Only 2 Ingredients & Hella Delicious

Water Chestnuts Wrapped In Bacon.

17966224_1782106835452253_7596192739414535621_oAnother appetizer! These are crazy addictive. Why? Because bacon. Also because they are only 2 ingredients and extremely easy to make. This is a great appetizer for all you dudes looking to up your game day munchies. They are juicy, crunchy, and gluten free/paleo friendly.

Ingredients & Supplies:

– Bacon
– Water Chestnuts (I use canned)
– Toothpicks
– Parchment Paper (do not use wax paper!! I made that mistake the first time)


– Preheat over to 375 degrees celsius.
– Cut bacon strips into two halves.
– Wrap each half strip around a chestnut until you have as many as you’d like to eat.
– Stick a toothpick inside.
– Place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and place in oven. 
– Cook for 20mins or until the bacon is cooked to your desired preference. 
– Let cool a minute or two and enjoy!

Feta & Tomato Tortelini Bites

17359215_1760425144287089_4805075080425293436_oMade these for my family and they loved them! Also super quick and easy to make.
This is another appetizer, and you will likely get many appetizers recipes/ideas from me because that’s my mom’s specialty and I learned a lot of my stuff from her.  Although any recipes I share are my one that I make, she has her own awesome ones I might share somewhere along down the line.

Ingredients & Supplies:

– Extra Long Toothpicks (I use/recommend the bamboo ones)
– Cheese Stuffed Tortellini
– Cherry Tomatoes

– Feta Cubes (the ones oiled and seasoned with herbs)
– Onion Powder
– Garlic Powder
– Olive Oil
– Italian Seasoning Herbs


– Boil water and put your tortellini on to cook. Make sure you do not overcook them so that they maintain form and can be skewered successfully. 
– Put feta cubes and cherry tomatoes in a bowl together and mix around so that the tomatoes get oiled/seasoned too.
– Put one feta cube and one tomato on each skewer.
– Once tortellini’s are done cooking, strain them and let them cool enough that you are able to touch them.
– Put them in a bowl and add your olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian herbs.
– Mix around with your hands until all the tortellini are evenly covered (be gentle).
– Put 3 pieces of pasta on each skewer and then add another tomato at the end of each as well to stop anything from falling off.
And there you have it. These pack a lot of flavor!



Peace Treats

One of the best places to get a milkshake hands down!
Peace Treats is a gourmet milkshake treat bar located inside of the Peace Collective Flagship Store at 131 Ossington Avenue, Toronto Ontario.
These milkshakes are a reasonable $8.50 each and well worth it!

Their clothing brand theme is Toronto passion and pride, and their most recent line the Varsity Collection is worth checking out if you are a Toronto sports fan.
The Toronto Blue Jays emblem can be found on a large variety of their garment styles.
Another great thing about this company is that with the purchase of select garments, two meals are provided to a Canadian child in need through their partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada.

If you are in the area, you should definitely check them out!

One Bite Burgers

This recipe is for an awesome little appetizer I made back on St. Patty’s Day.
I call them One Bite Burgers.
It’s gluten free and tastes just like a regular sized burger just slightly fewer carbs!
They were soo tasty, packed a lot of flavor, and they were a complete hit with my family.
Ingredients & Supplies:

– Extra large/long toothpicks
– Meatballs (I use frozen pre-made ) 

–  Marble Cheese ( or any kind of cheese that you, cheddar, mozzarella, ect.)
– Bacon 
– Dill Pickles
– Cherry Tomatoes
– A Leafy Green (I use spinach but others prefer lettuce for burgers)


– Put your meatballs in the oven to cook while prepping the other ingredients.
– Cut the cheese into squares.
– Chop the pickles into pieces (not finely diced).
– Tear the lettuce into pieces (not finely diced).
– Wash your cherry tomatoes and leave them whole.

– Cook the bacon and then break each full bacon strip into 3-4 pieces.
– Once your meats are complete, put all your ingredients on an extra long toothpick (I recommend the bamboo ones they were a perfect size).

Suggested Order: (from top – bottom) tomato, pickle, lettuce, bacon, cheese, meatball.
17352494_1760424790953791_8263931740956828060_nTry these out and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy 🙂

The Perfect 3 Ingredient Salad

This is, in my opinion, the best salad to compliment a nice juicy steak in the summertime.

It only has 3 simple Ingredients plus a dressing of your choice!

– Spinach
– Avocado
– Blueberries

And a dressing of your choosing.

The dressing I used:
– Dijon
– Honey
– Olive oil
– Salt & Pepper
– Red wine vinegar

A simple yet delicious salad that takes moments to whip up! 🙂

Le Sauciflard Salami Collection

hero-pack-le-sauciflard-rosette-de-lyon.jpgEvery November me and my mother have this tradition where we go to the Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo together. I’ve gone to the last 3 and let me tell you (ladies), this event makes for the most perfect Girls Night Out. It’s just a blast, and very enjoyable if you enjoy the finer things in life.  In doing this every year I have grown a real taste and interest for trying new gourmet foods, mainly cheeses, meats, and wines. I am always on the hunt for another one to savor. Recently I have stumbled across a Salami/Dry Sausage line that I just had to share. It’s the Le Sauciflard Salami Collection. There are ten different flavored and spiced salami ‘s in this collection and thus far I have tried three. >>le-sauciflard-salami Believe it or not, I originally found this brand at a Sobey’s Urban Fresh location. Each Salami/Sausage is available in a 300g size FOR $8.99 (sale price listed above) and they have #1 to #5 available for purchase in stores. For numbers #6 to #10 you will have to order online at IGA for $8.50 per 300g. Le Sauciflard meats are dried and cured according to strict French tradition and are made with 100% pork meat as well.  >>produits-a-decouvrir-charcuterie-saucisson-le-sauciflard-bloc-saucissons-pub62350So far I have tried numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the series. Number 2 was a Parmesan encased Salami that I enjoyed for the simple fact that I didn’t need to cut up any cheese(s) it already came wrapped around the meat. This one was, however, my least favorite of the three because I personally prefer a milder flavored cheese and the parmesan was a bit too strong for my liking. Number 3 was a White Wine flavored Salami and WOW did that have such a beautiful flavor. This is by far my favorite (for now). The White Wine flavor is not too overbearing, it’s just enough to tickle the taste buds and I found myself craving this one for days after too. I would recommend pairing this one with fruits instead of cheeses because the tastes will compliment each other better. Number 4 is the one I am currently sampling it is encased in herbs (Italian style herbs). This one was very messy to eat, and some of the herbs fell off while cutting and eating it. As well the herbs get stuck in your teeth pretty bad after (or so they did for me) so make sure you are at home to enjoy this one. I paired it with a herb flavored Havarti cheese and it was quite delicious! That was the perfect cheese for it in my opinion.  >>
produits-a-decouvrir-charcuterie-saucisson-le-sauciflard-en-tete-pub62350-en-1160x365.jpg The two I am looking most forward to trying in the future are Number 9 – Fig & Portobello Mushroom and Number 10 – Blue Cheese & Red Wine. They sound delectable! I will be blogging the remainder of the collection, as I go and a few at a time. So you can visit my blog again in the future to hear how the remainder of the collection tasted! Hope you have a tasty day 😉