This amazing machine. 


My Two Fave Ab Exercises

Here are my two favorite ab exercises to do down on the gym floor.

Firstly is Suspended crunches off the MoveStrong .
The MoveStrong is this all purpose, multi-exercise jungle gym that we have here at my gym Striation 6. It’s one of our more exclusive & unique pieces of equipment that we offer for usage, as well as the ISOPHITS, as you won’t find either anywhere else in Toronto!
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So in order to do suspended crunches, if you do not have access to a MoveStrong you could also suspend yourself from a squat rack or something similar instead.

Place something underneath you so that you have something to stand on. Raise yourself off the platform and raise your knees in towards your chest in a crunch like motion. You should already feel the burn a few in. I do 4 sets of 6 reps but you can alter the sets/rep count to your desired preference. There you have your Suspended Verticle Crunches.
The next exercise I love to destroy my tummy with is the ISOPHIT Pike. This one requires minimal movement yet there’s still no denying the epic burn you achieve whilst doing this exercise! If you do not have access to an  ISPOPHIT, you can again use a Squat Rack with a barbell on it as the crossbar point. You want to drive your legs up into the bar and your hands up into the bar while keeping your head raised. You want to hold this for as long as possible. I typically do 4 sets of 30-45 min holds. You will be able to increase you hold times as you gain more strength. And there you have ISOPHIT Pike.
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The ISOPHIT – This Changes Everything

This beautiful machine was invented by my boss Brad Thorpe.
It is used for isometric exercise and it is my absolute favorite piece of exercise equipment, hands down! (See Brad below)_DSC6731At my work we have athletes, models, the injured, and elderly from all over Toronto coming to our gym to check these babies out and work with them.
The ISOPHIT is a highly effective machine when it comes to both strengthening and toning, and one of it’s bigger benefits if that you are able to mimic many different kinds of exercises on this machine just in a more controlled, and safer environment (less room for injury) which is a lot better for people working with injuries alredy too.Another thing I love about this machine is that it is so versatile. As you can see in the photos there are endless different positions you can hold, and on top of that you can play around and change the time intervals you are holding these positions for. When using this machine I became aware of muscles I never even knew I had or had been able to feel before when working out. It’s pretty nuts! (That’s me above).iso2
One of my favorite positions is the ISOPHIT Deadlift (as seen above).

As well is ab-crushing ISOPHIT Pike (as seen above.)

Even couples can get a workout together on these! Which is just adorable. (That is Mike Holmes Jr. and Lisa Marie from HGTV prepping for their upcoming wedding)

16602585_1738436363152634_102916601564232034_nAside from being great for strengthening and toning you can also utilize the ISOPHIT to:
– Burn Fat
– Improve Bone Density
– Lower Blood Pressure
– Decrease Muscle & Joint Pains
– Corrects Muscle Imbalances
– Enhance Athletic Performance

But don’t just take it for me, come in and experience it for yourself! My work (Striation 6 – Exercise & Performance Center) located at 33 Davisville, Toronto Ontario, offers 1hr Demo sessions with a fitness and ISOPHIT professional so that you can see and experience them for yourself at no cost. So come check em out! You won’t be sorry guys! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiMAAAAJGRkZTIwZWZhLWY1MDYtNDE5OC1iOWE3LTdkYTg3YTU2Y2Q4OQ.jpg