Four Brothers

So as I mentioned yesterday, I expanded my Rat family 🙂

Brought the new brothers home last night!
I think I’ll keep it at four though.
I got more because Rats do best, live longer, and are happier in social settings.
Also because they are just the best pets ever and I wanted more to care for & enjoy.
18600789_1797145277281742_80607123_nI ended up giving them different names then the ones I was leaning towards.
So here’s Jasper (the beige hooded fancy rat)

And Monty (the black hooded fancy rat).

I will continue to update on how my new guys get along and grow together!


The Rat Pad

Just upgraded the ratties pad!
Adding two more additions to the family today or tomorrow 🙂

They will be two more males, A black hooded & a beige hooded who apparently has missing toe.
I’m gonna name them Morty & Breadcrumb. ❤
Suuuper excited.

My current babies, Sageus (gray fancy) and Franks (hairless) are doing splendidly.
I love them so much. Their favorite foods so far are banana chips, chicken, and sweet potato chews.

I made them a homemade hammock and they just started using it the other day. Hooray!
Seriously, folks, rats make the best pets!!