My Favorite Moment

My favorite moment
Of every day
Starts with you
Before parting ways
Before the cold
Has infiltrated our bodies
Or the sun of a new day
Has kissed our skins
Before anything bad or bitter
Has had the chance to happen yet
And we’re still wrapped up
In our safe and cozy cocoon
Made of heat and limbs
And sheets and grins
And the only thing
There is to think about
Is how good and calm it feels
And how great you look
Even when you’ve just woken up
And how lucky I am
To be laying next to you
And what’s even better
Is knowing that
You’ll meet me back there
At the end of the day
To rest your tired bones
Next to mine
To retire back
To the peaceful sanctuary
That our bodies make


The Perfect 3 Ingredient Salad

This is, in my opinion, the best salad to compliment a nice juicy steak in the summertime.

It only has 3 simple Ingredients plus a dressing of your choice!

– Spinach
– Avocado
– Blueberries

And a dressing of your choosing.

The dressing I used:
– Dijon
– Honey
– Olive oil
– Salt & Pepper
– Red wine vinegar

A simple yet delicious salad that takes moments to whip up! 🙂

Le Sauciflard Salami Collection

hero-pack-le-sauciflard-rosette-de-lyon.jpgEvery November me and my mother have this tradition where we go to the Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo together. I’ve gone to the last 3 and let me tell you (ladies), this event makes for the most perfect Girls Night Out. It’s just a blast, and very enjoyable if you enjoy the finer things in life.  In doing this every year I have grown a real taste and interest for trying new gourmet foods, mainly cheeses, meats, and wines. I am always on the hunt for another one to savor. Recently I have stumbled across a Salami/Dry Sausage line that I just had to share. It’s the Le Sauciflard Salami Collection. There are ten different flavored and spiced salami ‘s in this collection and thus far I have tried three. >>le-sauciflard-salami Believe it or not, I originally found this brand at a Sobey’s Urban Fresh location. Each Salami/Sausage is available in a 300g size FOR $8.99 (sale price listed above) and they have #1 to #5 available for purchase in stores. For numbers #6 to #10 you will have to order online at IGA for $8.50 per 300g. Le Sauciflard meats are dried and cured according to strict French tradition and are made with 100% pork meat as well.  >>produits-a-decouvrir-charcuterie-saucisson-le-sauciflard-bloc-saucissons-pub62350So far I have tried numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the series. Number 2 was a Parmesan encased Salami that I enjoyed for the simple fact that I didn’t need to cut up any cheese(s) it already came wrapped around the meat. This one was, however, my least favorite of the three because I personally prefer a milder flavored cheese and the parmesan was a bit too strong for my liking. Number 3 was a White Wine flavored Salami and WOW did that have such a beautiful flavor. This is by far my favorite (for now). The White Wine flavor is not too overbearing, it’s just enough to tickle the taste buds and I found myself craving this one for days after too. I would recommend pairing this one with fruits instead of cheeses because the tastes will compliment each other better. Number 4 is the one I am currently sampling it is encased in herbs (Italian style herbs). This one was very messy to eat, and some of the herbs fell off while cutting and eating it. As well the herbs get stuck in your teeth pretty bad after (or so they did for me) so make sure you are at home to enjoy this one. I paired it with a herb flavored Havarti cheese and it was quite delicious! That was the perfect cheese for it in my opinion.  >>
produits-a-decouvrir-charcuterie-saucisson-le-sauciflard-en-tete-pub62350-en-1160x365.jpg The two I am looking most forward to trying in the future are Number 9 – Fig & Portobello Mushroom and Number 10 – Blue Cheese & Red Wine. They sound delectable! I will be blogging the remainder of the collection, as I go and a few at a time. So you can visit my blog again in the future to hear how the remainder of the collection tasted! Hope you have a tasty day 😉

Milk & Honey

636095497938163398-1734537468_tumblr_o89y8oca5p1ta5pfeo1_1280.jpgI am a poet and so I love reading other poets and listening to the various different ways and rhythms to which different writers express themselves in.  I recently purchased for myself (as a birthday gift) two new poetry books, both with female authors. One was The Universe Of Us by Lang Leav. The other was Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur.     >>
18254201_1788353454827591_439183367_nI brought Rupi’s book with me downtown, to enjoy with my lunch by a sunny window, and I ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting. I sat there for over two hours over two cups of tea and just couldn’t stop. Never has a book of poetry triggered such an intense emotional reaction in me. This book is compiled of some of the shortest yet most powerful little poems I’ve ever read. Simple yet effective, as are the little drawing that sometimes accompanies the poems too.  >>us
Rupi Kaur has broken her book into four chapters. The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking and The Healing. Each chapter just as intimately relatable as the next, or at least it was for me. Her poems divulge into the deepest darkest fears, flaunts, and flaws of being a woman. If you have ever been sexualised, objectified, used, or abused then you will find resonance in her words. Not only that but you will read the words that your heart longed to speak but never could. A few of these poems hit me so hard that I cried into my Pad Thai noodles. Rupi expresses the pains and plights of a woman living in a man’s world in a very raw and rather feministic way.  No fucks given, no guts no glory style.  At times I squirmed in my seat at the uncomfortable realness of her words, but that’s what poetry is all about if you ask me. It should make you feel and confront things that are deep within.  >>
Screen-Shot-2015-12-15-at-5.09.17-PMThe Hurting depicts heartache, abuse, betrayal and will reach down and touch you in unspeakable places. The Loving will build you back up again with loves sweet splendors and the feelings of being lost in romance. The Breaking depicts the disintegration and breakdown of a woman’s sanity, peace, and personal power. And The Healing will bring you full circle to come to terms with it all and remind you of the wisdom and strength to be found after all is said and done. This book will be especially effective and emotion invoking for you female readers as I feel that it was written for us especially, to hear and be heard through.  >>Screen-Shot-2015-12-15-at-5.16.28-PMIt’s been a while since I read a book front to back in one go but if you take the time to indulge yourself with this one, you too will have your heart nabbed temporarily by its word crafted hands.  It has the beautiful ability to freeze time as you read it and also takes you back to revisit times long since buried. I recommend you getting your hands on this read ladies, and then take yourself out to lunch alone to enjoy it. You’ll wanna read it in a quiet and intimate setting, with some sort of warm soothing liquid close by, perhaps some bath water or tea. I hope that you will because it was a truly lovely and enriching experience for me. >>usThank you, Rupi Kaur, for the best read I’ve had in a long time.
Happy reading my fellow lovers, writers, poets, and book worms… ❤